Ian Mercer Design



furniture and interior since 1987

established in 1987, I M Design has gone on to develop a thorough understanding of clients needs along with considerable experience in the design of unique furniture systems in many specialised areas


upholstery,bespoke welcome

do contact us in a way that is convenient for you - we will have an initial chat to make sure that we won't be wasting your time - then we will put together whatever is needed and arrange a time to visit you - it's important that we meet, however briefly initially - design is about communication and collaboration - so the sooner we start the better

video editing desk

customer focused service

it is our aim to develop long standing relationships with our clients - be they manufacturers or end users - we take great care to understand and cater to their exact requirements - so whether it's a boardroom, a new classroom or a desire for some luxury at home they benefit from our advice, guidance and technical know-how

hardwood furniture manufacturing

we use a network of specialist contractors to build and install our designs - every piece of furniture is constructed from carefully selected materials that best suit the project and as we're not tied to the one manufacturer, our designs can incorporate a wide range of materials and crafts

built-in furniture

design, procurement, installation

we believe creating the right solution is a design problem, not a manufacturing problem - furniture should meet your requirements, not those of the manufacturer - where appropriate we will research, recommend and procure complimentary furniture for your scheme

fitted furniture