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audio visual by i m design

i m design work with companies and individuals to design bespoke furniture and furniture systems to house audio visual equipment including consoles. video editing desks, media presentation walls, IT furniture

video display wall, plasma monitors, whiteboard, teacher, wall

audio visual

building electronic equipment into furniture has its own set of unique requirements, so the right sort of experience is beneficial

i m design has worked with leading AV companies since its formation, developing products and working on specific projects

with the constant development of technology and the introduction of new products that do not have an established historical use, we often have to work from first principles; the way technology is adopted varies from user to user, access, efficiency, inclusiveness, safety, security, content and many other factors can all affect a proposed design

we have been fortunate enough to work on a number of schemes and products from IT suites for special needs children, teaching wall system that house and contain all the necessary equipment in a self contained unit, collaborative desking systems, video display systems and numerous lecterns
media wall, veneered, cupboard wall
Video wall Media presentation systems
video editing suite desks lectern, acrylic, console, desk, laminate, timber
Video editing desk system Bespoke acrylic lectern Console system